Project management

Project Management

The project management team at Hedin IT is responsible for managing and executing all IT projects within Hedin Mobility Group.

We manage a wide range of project types within areas such as migrations, developments, and implementations. We collaborate with our technical specialists, stakeholders, and other resources closely to secure the best possible outcome from the projects, every time.

The team is responsible to plan and execute on all IT-related projects within Hedin Mobility Group and its geographical area. To achieve success within the projects, the project management team consumes a suitable project methodology based on the needs of the specific project, where also knowledge and adoption are possible.

The project management team works mainly with tollgate-based project methodology for migration and other projects, hybrid project methodology for development projects, and for our product development in-house, such as E-Commerce, Web, PIM, Fleet management, and Integration platform, the team utilizes the scrum agile methodology.

The team strives to challenge the ordinary, value initiatives for change with a strong focus to deliver high-quality results each and every time. The project management team is unpretentious, curious, and possesses a mindset to overcome challenges.