Importer management system

The Importer Management System (IMS) department is responsible for the in-house built system called ARC IMS as well as projects and development supporting the importers within Hedin Mobility Group AB.

The department has knowledge in software development and domain knowledge in Vehicle sales and distribution, Spare part sales and distribution, warranty claim management, and Finance and accounting creating good business understanding and support from problem definition to a software solution.

ARC IM, which is the core product for the department, is a module-based business system built entirely in-house by Hedin IT including the following system support.

Out-of-the-box worldwide country adaptations. Automated streamlined processes-

Control, manage and follow up vehicle and spare part logistics.

Integration platform

Data Factory and Secure APIs cover all needs and possibilities when integrating.

Core CRM-function out of the box with customer management and market automation.

Dealer portal
Web-based communication hub for dealers, including dealer support and case management.

Web & E-commerce

Sales capabilities directly from the importer with a customizable car configurator.

Automated vehicle registration and homologation management.

Business Intelligence
Reporting using powerful custom-built Power BI tools and reports.

Product management
Built-in pricing and constraints engine integrated with web and third-party stakeholder, for easy handling of all models and specifications.

ARC is a fully web-based system utilizing the Business Central Dynamics platform for finance and accounting, C#/.NET with Blazor for dealer-facing platforms, and API-based integrations fully hosted in Azure Cloud.

The main advantages of ARC are the module nature of the system architecture enabling the product to adapt to system needs in a fast phase manner, easy overview of critical functions with intuitive dashboards and alerts, and a 360 view of the business covering all areas such as financing, inventory, sales, purchase and much more.