Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Business intelligence within Hedin IT concerns the development and management of our BI platform which is used for business analysis and follow-up using reports, dashboards, and other measures.

The BI platform and team are used by and managed by all companies in the group. Since the business is always evolving the BI platform is constantly improved and under development to match and help evolve the business over time. Since the platform is to contain the data and information on which we evaluate and analyze the business we hence call the concept One Truth, one common source for the truth on which we evaluate the performance of the business.

Our aim is to utilize the data for performance management to keep developing the business onwards and upwards. We are actively working to create a BI function that can meet demands in all business areas and business units within the group. Our goal is to ensure that the right person has the right information at the right time, hence being a part of developing the organization onwards.

The BI department's area of responsibility is the entire group with all subsidiaries, we are collaborating with our stakeholders from two aspects, first, gather demands and needs from the business. Second, the analysis and extraction of data points that the BI team finds and presents to the business. Both ways as based on the idea of using data to hedge the business forwards by creating a platform for analysis.

Concept to delivery and follow up, in close collaboration with our stakeholders we develop concepts where an idea takes shape, and we investigate the possibilities to develop the concept together with the stakeholder. When a concept is clarified we create the outline and need in the data model and reports/visualizations to support the concept. The last step of the process is the follow-up, which consists of the implementation with education and making sure it is part of the general reporting package.

In a world that is increasingly driven by data, both in private life and foremost in business, the need and impact for BI are increasing. Hence, we consolidate all the group source systems (ERP, IMS, and DMS) into one data warehouse and one tool for reporting and visualization. Simplifying the everyday follow-up and creating a one-stop shop for performance management and business opportunities. Accessible reports and flexibility for the users to retrieve the information they need and answer to ad-hoc questions regarding business performance.