Business intelligence within Hedin IT concerns the development and management of our BI platform which is used for business analysis and follow-up using reports, dashboards, and other measures.


The CRM team is responsible for managing customer relationships and customer data.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CE, the team works to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing personalized customer support, creating customer loyalty programs, and developing and implementing strategies to maximize customer retention.

Utilizing One CRM platform we analyze customer data to identify patterns and trends to build effective CRM strategies. The CRM team is essential for any business looking to build strong customer relationships and drive customer loyalty.


The datahub of the group and our integrations team make sure information and data are transferred between departments and systems to where and when it's needed.

By using our integrations platform named HDTP, the Hedin data transmission platform, we extract data and load the data to the different consumers. The goal of the department is to utilize different sets of techniques to create seamless integrations for end users.

Some of the current tools that our integrations department is using are azure data factory, C-sharp, .net, and RPA solutions based on UI-path. The mix of languages and techniques creates a universal and flexible setup to create a solid integration platform for the group. Moving data to the right consumer at the right time in the right way is the key motto of the team.


Our finance team is responsible for managing the day to day economic for the company. We do accounting, invoicing, payments, declarations, monthly financial statements and more. We work closely with the rest of the organization and support our colleagues with all economical questions. Since the core of our organizations is our projects we work extra close with our projects managers.

Our company and the whole concern are in a fast growing phase. We have a constant need of developing how we work. This includes implementing helpful tools, automatize processes and decentralizing the economic responsible in the organization.

We use the accounting system Business Central that is linked to out invoicing system Exflow and we use Power BI to analyze our data.